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Welcome! And thank you for visiting us. We hope you find it full of unique and appealing products as well as interesting information.

If there\'s one thing you should know about us, it\'s this: we believe the best products can only come from the best ingredients. Southern Italy will most certainly provide you the very finiest. Combine this with many years experience in refining the process, strict standards and passionate commitment, all our customers can be assured that every product purchased is to the highest standards required. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Gabbiano Srl has been in the business of cultivating and exporting olive oil and Calabria food products in southern Italy for many years, a family business which has been passed from generation to generation. Gabbiano is presently one of the finest examples of businesses within this industry that use the skills and traditions of old mixed with the international mindset of today.

We are also happy to say that we have many years of experience in the international export industry and are capable of exporting our product any where in the world.
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